Exide Tubular LM FP System Akü

Tubular – LM FP sistemi elektrikli palet jakı ve walkie istifleyici ihtiyaçları için verimli güç bir çözümdür.


Tubular-LM™ FP System – Exide Technologies


Tubular-LM™ FP System – Exide Technologies

The Tubular-LM Low Maintenance FP system is the efficient power solution for your electric pallet jack and walkie stacker needs. This integrated system consists of a low maintenance Tubular-LM Flooded Tubular-Plate Battery with an on-board top-mounted high frequency charger, both in the same durable rust-resistant steel tray. The top-mounted charger lets us fill the steel tray below with battery cells, thus maximizing the available power and run time you get. Remote charging stations are a thing of the past since this unit can be charged anywhere there is a 15 amp, 120-volt AC outlet. The charger is fully automatic, so charging is foolproof. Simply plug it in and start. The charger does the rest.

The Tubular-LM FP System

  • Perfectly matched battery and charging components provide maximum battery, power output, and system run time.
  • Ideal for light and medium-duty use.
  • Fits most common sizes of pallet trucks and walkie stackers.
  • Charge anywhere there is a 15 amp, 120-volt, 60 Hz, single phase AC outlet.
  • Available in 24-volt DC output.

The Battery Facts

  • Efficient round tubular positive plate design maximizes battery power.
  • Extended watering interval over flat plate designs (actual interval is dependent on conditions and usage).
  • Polypropylene protective covers on all intercell connectors.
  • Epoxy powder coat painted tray inside and out with charger cable containment when not being charged.

The Charger Facts

  • Fully automatic start/stop operation eliminates charging errors.
  • Microprocessor-controlled.
  • Internally protected against overload, short circuit, incorrect connection and voltage transients.
  • Recharges the fully discharged battery in 8-16 hours.


  • 120 VAC input voltage (tolerance +/- 5%)
  • 60 Hertz input frequency only (tolerance +/- 5%)
  • Single phase input
  • Battery cable lead length – 27 inches (standard)
  • Charger cable lead length – up to 80 inches

Optional Factory- or field-installed single point watering system

GNB uses a comprehensive business approach to recycling called Total Battery Management (TBM)™. TBM includes manufacturing and distribution of lead-acid batteries, collection of spent batteries, reclamation of battery materials and use of those materials in new batteries. Exide Technologies, the parent company of GNB, recycles sufficient lead tonnage to make it one of the largest secondary lead recyclers in the world, returning the materials to new product and diverting them from the waste stream. GNB batteries are recyclable.

Exide Tubular LM FP System Akü Avantajları

Exide Tubular LM FP System Akü Avantajları

Tubular – LM FP Sistemi

  • Mükemmel akü eşleşti ve şarj bileşenleri maksimum akü, güç çıkışını ve sistem çalışma zamanı sağlar.
  • Hafif ve orta – görev kullanım için idealdir.
  • Palet kamyon ve walkie istifler en yaygın boyutları uyar.
  • Şarj herhangi bir yerde 15 amp, 120 volt, 60 Hz, tek fazlı AC çıkışı vardır.
  • 24 volt DC çıkışı mevcuttur.

Exide Tubular LM FP System Akü Teknik Özellikleri

Exide Tubular LM FP System Akü Teknik Özellikleri

Tubular – LM FP Sistemi

  • 120 VAC giriş gerilimi (tolerans +/-% 5)
  • 60 Hertz giriş frekansı sadece (tolerans +/-% 5
  • Tek faz giriş
  • Akü kablosu kablosu uzunluğu – 27 inç (standart)
  • Şarj kablosu kablosu uzunluğu – 80 inçe kadar

Parti No Volt (V) Tip Kapasite Ah Uzunluk Genişlik Yükseklik Ağırlık LB
M1901208505GFPCZ 24V 12-85L-05 170 25,25 6,63 27,25 415
M1901208505G6BFBCZ 24V 12-85L-05 170 26,50 7,50 27,25 442
M1901208507DFPCZ 24V 12-85L-07 255 25,38 8,69 27,25 593
M1901208507GFPCZ 24V 12-85L-07 255 33,81 6,56 27,25 598
M1901208507D2FPCZ 24V 12-85L-07 255 30,00 8,63 27,25 609
M1901208509DFPCZ 24V 12-85L-09 340 25,50 10,88 27,25 719
M1901208511AFPCZ 24V 12-85L-11 425 26,06 12,81 27,25 991
M1901208513AFPCZ 24V 12-85L-13 510 30,63 12,69 27,25 991
M1901208513A25CFPCZ 24V 12-85L-13 510 30,82 12,88 27,25 1023

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